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The importance of leadership in the position of District Attorney cannot be overstated. This is especially true in times of crisis. There is a difference between management and leadership and a good and effective District Attorney needs both skills, as well as extensive prosecution experience. I received my leadership training from arguably the best source in the world—the United States Military. While in the Army I received hundreds of hours of training on the subject of leadership, reinforced by on the job application as a platoon leader and executive officer. I have applied those lessons throughout my career as a prosecutor in positions of leadership I have held. I have been Deputy District Attorney for three District Attorney Offices and Chief Deputy District Attorney in two different DA offices, including the currently held position of Chief Deputy District Attorney in the 13th Judicial District.

A good leader sets the tone and culture of the entire office. A good leader can keep a challenge from becoming a crisis, and keep a crisis from becoming a catastrophe. The District Attorney’s Office faces challenges every day. The best District Attorneys are also good leaders. A good leader earns the respect and loyalty of his subordinates—she does not demand it. A good leader provides guidance and support, adequate resources, training, encouragement, and motivation to inspire others to thrive and grow. A good leader leads by example, by never asking subordinates to do anything she hasn’t done or would not do herself.

Under my leadership as your District Attorney, I will foster and maintain a culture of fair, professional and ethical prosecution that every prosecutor and staff member will understand, embrace and follow. This culture will be reflected from the top down and will start with me.

Doing justice will be more than just a mantra. It will be the philosophy and culture that defines my administration. I will insist on it. There will be no rogue prosecutors who cut corners or disrespect the judiciary, defense bar, victims, law enforcement, victim services, or any other player in the judicial system. There will be no prosecutors who feel their goal is to win at all costs—regardless of the rules and the oath of the prosecutor.

Under this umbrella of leadership, the 13th will prosecute and hold accountable those who need to be held accountable and not lose sight of the obligation to treat each case and each individual fairly, with compassion, and with the goal of doing what is best for the safety of the community.

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