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Michael Vigil

District Judge 1st Judicial District of New Mexico (Retired)

Barbara Romo is an outstanding prosecutor. She is a champion for child victims and she never forgets that her obligation as a prosecutor is to do justice for the community. She is qualified to be District Attorney and I strongly endorse her.

Ahmad Assed

Criminal Defense Attorney

I've known Barbara for over two decades. She is a person of high moral character and integrity. In all of my dealings with her, I've always found her to be willing to listen. Barbara is a professional who approaches a case purely based on the law and facts. She is honorable, reasonable and extremely talented. Please help her win. Give her your support and your vote. 

Scot Key

Former District Attorney and Current Chief Deputy, 12th Judicial District Attorney's Office

You cannot ask for a more qualified candidate for District Attorney. I have seen her work as a prosecutor for her entire career. I even offered her a job years ago. Unfortunately for the citizens of the 12th District, she declined as she was committed to her district. You would be well served if you elect her as your next District Attorney. 

Dianna Luce

5th Judicial District Attorney and President of the New Mexico District Attorney's Association

As the 5th Judicial District Attorney, I fully support Barbara Romo for District Attorney in the 13th Judicial District. She is a strong advocate for victim's rights. Barb will fight for justice for the citizens of the 13th. 

Civic and Community Leaders


Antoinette Sedillo Lopez - New Mexico State Senator, District 16

Patricia Madrid - Former Attorney General of the State of New Mexico

Tim Eichenberg – New Mexico State Treasurer


Pedro Rael – Former District Judge for Cibola County Currently Director of the Aviation Division of MDT


Stephen Pfeffer – Retired District Judge, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Michael Davis

Defense Attorney

I have been a practicing criminal defense attorney in New Mexico for over thirty-seven years and have opposed Ms. Romo on dozens of cases. She is aggressive, smart and , a champion of victim rights. Her life experiences including her service to our country have given her leadership skills to effectively run a busy office staffed by highly qualified attorney’s, assistants and advocates. She has a unique compassion for victims as well as defendants and is supportive of alternatives to incarceration for non-violent offenders. She is one of the best prosecutors I have ever worked with.

Barbara Meyer

EMT, First Responder

On Memorial Day of 2015, many lives were changed…including mine. The day began as any normal day. There were no indications that the last rays of sunlight would be replaced with the flashing lights of the RRPD and RRFR at the intersection of Pinetree and Southern in downtown Rio Rancho, NM. That night brothers and sisters fought side by side pushing aside their fear and sadness as they tried to save one of their own and apprehend the person responsible. The night stretched on, each second feeling more like an hour as the radios squawked and squelched vainly attempting to distract from our emotions. The red lights from the emergency vehicles amplified each other bouncing off off buildings and trees creating an erratic symphony mirroring the internal inferno burning inside every responder the night Officer Benner was shot. It was controlled chaos.


Barbara Romo, a former soldier, stepped up without hesitation from the very beginning. The knowledge, intelligence and experience coupled with her background and close ties to the community in working with first responders gave her the expertise to work magic! She and her team were bulldogs in the courtroom leaving no stone unturned. Barbara Romo not only brought justice for Officer Benner’s family but also for his first responder family as well. Every step of the way she showed compassion away from the courtroom by making sure everyone affected by the case had the appropriate resources they needed. The balance of justice runs strong in the veins of Barbara Romo. She has lived her whole life fighting for the citizens of this great nation on and off the battlefield and inside the courtroom. She knows the community because she is in it. Her name is known throughout the Rio Rancho First Responder community and is spoken about with pride. Voting for Barbara Romo is not only a vote for the community, it is a vote for you and your family.

Ron Lopez

Former District Attorney, 7th Judicial District of New Mexico and Chief Deputy District Attorney, 13th Judicial District of New Mexico (Retired)

I hired Barbara 24 years ago at the 7th Judicial District when she was a rookie prosecutor. In very short order she was named Rookie Prosecutor of the Year for the State of New Mexico. In 1997 our district had 5 of the top ten criminal cases in the state as reported by the Albuquerque Journal. I asked Barbara to partner with me on those cases and I am please to say that we were successful in obtaining a guilty verdict in each of them.


After working at the 7th, Barbara went to Santa Fe to head the child abuse and molestation unit for the 1st Judicial District. Many people talk about helping victims but Barbara does the work of helping victims. She is recognized both in the state and nationally for her expertise in prosecuting these very difficult cases. Significantly, Barbara successfully litigated at the State Supreme Court and advocated at the State Legislature to change the laws on behalf of victims giving them a voice in the court room. Barbara’s record supporting victims is unparalleled.


One of the most dedicated and trustworthy people I have ever dealt with, I wholeheartedly endorse Barbara for District Attorney.

George McCarthy

Retired CSM

As a young sergeant I served with First Lieutenant Barbara Romo.

She was a determined leader and integrity was something she did not compromise. First Lt Romo always took care of those in her charge. As your District Attorney she will uphold the laws of the country and state. Her path is always a moral and righteous one.

Armando Torres

Attorney at Law

I have known Barbara for a number of years during the time she has served as a prosecutor for the 13th Judicial District Attorney’s Office. During my career as a Public Defender, on numerous cases I found myself on the opposite side from Barbara. Needless to say those cases were very serious criminal cases. As in any adversarial situation we often disagreed but regardless of the severity of the case I always found Barbara to be an ethical and very competent prosecutor and trial attorney. As such I feel that she is more than qualified to serve as District Attorney for the 13th Judicial District and I endorse and support her candidacy for the Office of District Attorney for the 13th Judicial District.

Steve Gill

Detective, RRPD (Retired)

Barbara Romo is a badass, one I had the privilege and honor of working closely with for 5 years while I was in CID. I have never seen even the tiniest hint of a lack of integrity. In fact, Barbara’s dedication to the prosecution of criminals, was and is, amazing.


While we may differ in our political views, I will not hesitate to vote for Barbara and give my highest recommendation to anyone who asks. As far as I am concerned her opponent can pound sand.

Julie Benner

Widow of slain Officer Gregg Benner

Barbara Romo worked tirelessly to get justice for my husband, Officer Gregg Benner RRPD who was murdered May 25, 2015. She was integral in ensuring that the maximum sentence was given to Andrew Romero, ensuring that he would never have another opportunity to destroy anyone else’s life. I am more than confident that with Barbara in office she will work diligently for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Melissa Howden MA,MFA

Pre Prosecution Diversion Program Director, 13th Judicial District Attorney

My father, Frederick B "Ted Howden, was a much lauded Criminal Attorney in New Mexico for over 50 years. In fact, he was the first District Attorney for the 13th Judicial District. In his later years he served as the Chief Deputy and ran the 13th Judicial District. In this capacity he knew and respected Barbara for her legal chops and commitment but knowing him, her integrity probably was most important overall.


All these years later and I find myself running the Pre-Prosecution Diversion Program for the 13th District. My vote (and I will wager my father's vote as well were he still with us) is for Barbara. Her even handed, direct approach and deep well of experience make her the only reasonable, indeed, the best choice for District Attorney. The district will also be better served because she is a leader who will inspire, uplift, collaborate and compensate her large staff throughout the district, attracting and keeping the best. I will be proud to call her “Boss”.

Angela Ross

Barbara represented her as her victim’s rights attorney.

Intelligent, Compassionate and Genuine, Barbara believed in me more than I believed in myself. She is a veteran who truly believes in selfless service. Some heroes wear dog tags, but mine took the boogey man out of the dark and into the light where he was finally exposed to the world for what he was. She did not have to do the things she did. There was no monetary value to gain. What more could a community ask for? She directly contributes to the welfare and care of the people in her community. Elect her. I promise you won’t regret it.

Victor Raigoza

State Central Member and Former County Vice Chair, Bernalillo County & Former President New Mexico Holocaust Intolerance Museum

Although I always say that I am retired from politics, yesterday I campaigned in three counties. I went on the road to Valencia, Cibola and Sandoval counties to campaign on behalf of the most qualified candidate for District Attorney, Barbara Romo. She has the integrity, character, and legal experience and is the finest candidate for the job.​

Russell Peterson

Chief of Police, Truth of Consequences, NM and Former District Attorney Investigator (Retired)

The most intelligent, level headed legal eagle I’ve ever met and worked with. She will make a wonderful DA bringing out the best from those in law enforcement and protecting our community. As a retired Chief of Police and DA Investigator I place my full endorsement and support behind Barbara Romo.

George & Janice Stark

Co-Owners, Salon Deluxe in Rio Rancho

The way Barbara Romo handles herself in the courtroom speaks for itself.

John A. Caesar

CEO – Empower Learning

It was my privilege to serve in the U.S. Army with Barbara Romo. As an Officer and Leader she demonstrated an uncanny commitment to her mission and the soldiers she was responsible for. Her judgment and ethics are beyond reproach, consistently doing the right thing in the right way for the right reason. Trustworthy and kind, I endorse Barbara Romo without reservation for District Attorney 2020.

Patty Isegrei-White

Business Owner

Barbara Romo is the best candidate for District Attorney. She's sensible, smart, tough but fair. She was first my platoon leader and later executive officer when we served in the US Army in Germany about 30 years ago. She was highly respected by superiors, peers and subordinates alike. Tenacious and tough, she can always be counted on to do what is right! I am proud and honored to endorse her for District Attorney

Debbie Sanchez

Administrative Secretary, AODA

The State of New Mexico is blessed to have Barbara as a prosecutor! She is ALWAYS willing and ready to assist both the New Mexico District Attorneys Association and Administrative Office of the District Attorneys with their efforts to educate both prosecutors and support staff so they may do a better job to protect the citizens of New Mexico!

Therese Cassidy

Rio Rancho Resident and family member of a murder victim

I have had the opportunity to witness Barbara's conviction to her profession in the courtroom. Her knowledge of the law, her belief in justice, her compassion for her clients demonstrate her character. Her honesty and ability to work with all who are involved in the judicial system are attributes required as District Attorney.

Keith Elder

Former Deputy, SCSO

Barbara is an effective prosecutor and leader, not a politician. She WILL appear in the courtroom and serve the 13th Judicial District well with her proven record prosecuting violent  criminals. We need Barbara Romo as our next District Attorney. Do your part in making sure criminals are held accountable. VOTE for Barbara Romo.

Tatiana Sanchez

Victim in case Barbara prosecuted

I have known Barbara Romo for over a decade. I met her when I was 16 years old and starting the court process for a sexual abuse trial. She was amazing in the court room. She fought tooth and nail for me and my sister. When we received a hung jury she never gave up. We proceeded with a second trial that ended with a guilty verdict. It was a painful seven-year process but she never gave up and made sure that my sister and I were represented amazingly. I then had the pleasure to work for her in the 13th Judicial District Attorney’s Office. She taught me so much during my time there. She is a fierce leader, amazing friend and will be an amazing District Attorney. She fights for what she believes in and is truly there for the victims.

Kelly Golightely

Defense Attorney

We need Barbara Romo as the District Attorney.

Through the last ten years I have practiced law throughout the state of New Mexico, and during that time I have had the opportunity to see how many of the District Attorneys manage their offices and their goals. 

While I think all District Attorneys say that we want to “see justice done,” and that they want to “protect our community,” I think such an answer is too simplistic to have as a mantra.  To actually be able to be a successful District Attorney that helps their community in these complicated times, one needs to have a plan about how to prosecute non-violent cases.  How to be proactive in making sure that drug abuse is addressed rather than have those individuals housed at government expense, but to actually try to work with the Courts to make sure that they have resources to become clean and sober.  If done correctly, that individual will still have job opportunities and housing later.  So that they don’t fall prey to the same hopelessness that led them into the addiction cycle prior and then harm our community.  If these people don’t avail themselves of these opportunities, District Attorney Romo will not hesitate to use the office’s skills and resources to protect the community from those that continue to behave criminally.


In that regard, Ms. Romo also gives our young adults with non-violent crimes the option to  participate in diversion programs so that they too are able to still have opportunities in their future.  This foresight allows our community to remain safe from those that are not criminally minded but are then pushed into a criminal life by having no options for themselves. 

Should the worst happen, and our citizens harm another person, Ms. Romo has the skills as a trial lawyer to prosecute each case with the kind of zeal that other prosecutors admire and require defense attorneys to be vigilant of.  District Attorney Romo has tried every kind of criminal case our State has.  She has years of experience as a trial attorney and has been prosecuting murderers and child abusers for years.  These complicated cases do not intimidate her, rather they make her drive to be the best prosecutor that she is. 


She has the experience to serve as District Attorney and to protect our community. 


Not every candidate or District Attorney has the kinds of skills to see each case for what it is.  District Attorney Romo has that skill.  She has the fortitude to see the position for the responsibility that it is and is the only candidate that can handle that responsibility starting from Day One.  She is the best choice for all of us.

Karen Marquez

Retired Supervising Secretary, 13th Judicial District Attorney’s Office

I have had the pleasure of working directly with Barbara for over 10 years.  Barbara, has the skills, ability and experience for the position of District Attorney.  Barbara is knowledgeable regarding the law.  She is extremely friendly, caring and sincere yet firm when fighting for justice. Barbara has served the public above and beyond for many years.  She is aware of the many responsibilities of the Office of District Attorney.  She knows the 13th Judicial District extremely well.  Barbara would do an excellent job for the citizens of the 13th Judicial District and would be an excellent District Attorney. 


Let’s get out and support Barbara Romo for District Attorney, 13th Judicial District.

Larry Renner

Self Employed Crime Scene Analyst, Retired Santa Fe Police Department

I worked with Barbara as an expert witness and consistently found Barbara to be committed and fair to the victims AND the truth.

Ve Jones

Former Assistant District Attorney

I worked for Barbara at the 13th Judicial District Attorney’s Office as an assistant DA. She is a good attorney and trial lawyer who cares about her staff and the people she serves. She will be an excellent District Attorney.

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